Fee Schedule

Fees and service charges on all accounts:
Returned item fee - Third party (per item) $10.00
Returned item fee - All deposits and payments, including VISA payments (per item) $25.00
Foreign Item for Deposit Fee $25.00
Document Reproduction Fee (per item) $2.00
Replacement Debit Card, issue new PIN, or send PIN reminder (per occurrence) $5.00
Rush Order for Debit Card $75.00
Rush Order for Personal Identification Number (PIN) $75.00
Dormant Account Fee (per month after 12 months of inactivity) $5.00
Returned Mail Fee (per piece) $5.00
Inactive Account Fee (if member cannot be located - per month) $10.00
Research Services and Account Balancing (per hour) $20.00
Legal Process - Tax Levies, Garnishments, etc. (per occurrence) $25.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer Fee $20.00
Non-Domestic Wire Transfer Fee $45.00
Incoming Wire Transfer Fee $5.00
Western Union Certified Money Order $75.00
Money Order Fee $2.00
Excessive Share Withdrawal Fee (per withdrawal if share savings account balance is under $1,000.00) (4 free per quarter) $2.00
Excessive Tax & Insurance Share Withdrawal Fee (per withdrawal after 3 per quarter) $5.00
Excessive Money Market Checking Withdrawal Fee (per item after 6 per month) $5.00
Fee for Failing to Maintain Required Minimum Money Market Checking Account Balance (per month) $10.00
Vacation Club Withdrawal Fee (per withdrawal after 2 per year) $5.00
Christmas Club Withdrawal Fee (per withdrawal excluding one free withdrawal anytime in the 4th quarter) $5.00
ACH and Share Draft Stop Payment Fee (per item) $29.00
Insufficient Funds or Courtesy Pay fee (per item) $29.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee (per transfer) $2.00
Bill Payment Stop Payment Fee $45.00
Bill Payment Research Fee  $45.00
Early Account Closure Fee (if account is closed within 180 days of opening) $5.00
Account Number Change Fee (if no disputed fraudulent transactions occurred) $5.00

*Check cashing fees will apply as follows:
(Fee charged based upon total check deposit) Checks under $150.00 $2.00

$150.00 to $500.00 $4.00

$501.00 to $750.00 $6.00

$751.00 to $1,000.00 $8.00

Over $1,000.00 $10.00
Check Printing Fee (per 180 drafts) Price varies depending on style  
Credit Union Check Withdrawals Payable to Third Party (per check)
Counter Checks (issued in quantities of 3)
Replacement of a Member's Check with a Credit Union Check
Credit Union Check Stop Payment Fee (per item)   $29.00

* NOTE: Check cashing fees will apply only for members who do not have a credit union loan or do not have a balance of $250.00 in any savings, checking or certificate account (not accumulative), or if member does not have equal funds available, or if member chooses not to deposit at least one half of the check.

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