SCAM ALERT! GHFCU employees will NEVER text or call you and ask for your Home Banking username/password or the answers to your security questions! Please safeguard your login credentials!

Greenville Heritage FCU has a new Bill Pay platform! The new bill pay service offers many new benefits and features including better cash flow control and the ability to accept electronic bills. Best of all, the new bill pay features a new payment model where your account will be charged on the same day the biller receives the funds for your payment!

There are only two requirements for using our online bill pay.  You must have a checking account with us and be a Home Banking user. 

It's easy to get started!

After you have completed a simple registration, you will be able to pay your bills at your convenience from any computer or from within our mobile app, GHFCU 2 Go!

Plus, you'll save money on check orders and stamps! Online Bill Pay allows you to schedule payments to anyone, anytime. You can set up recurring payments, stop payments at any time, and even change dates and amounts.

If the person or company you need to pay is not set up to take electronic payments, we'll send a check.

Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions for our new Bill Pay service.